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The Transfer Window Planner is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program that brings some functionality from some great web apps in-game. I wrapped my brain around some orbital maths and Alexmun provided some of the important code to help me show data visualisations of Delta-V required to transfer between planetary bodies in KSP

Here you will find information and pictures about the Transfer Window Planner plugin.

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What does it do?

Simply put it provides data visualisations of the Δv required for planetary transfers. Hopefully the porkchop plot will help you to find an efficient time/burn to reach your destination.

Once you open up the Tool using the AppLauncher of integrated toolbar you select the Origin and Destination for your interplanetary transfer. Review and change any timings you want and Click "Plot".

Once the porkchop is plotted it gives you a visualisation of how much Delta-V is required to transfer a vessel from the origin to the destination and where the "sweet spot" is. By clicking on the plot it will show you all the important details about the transfer thats selected and give you the capability to copy these to the clipboard

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OSI This work is licensed under an MIT license - included in source code

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