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Built this plugin to prevent those moments where Jeb looks at you in the little window and thinks "There goes that manuever node, Looks like you didn't press ',' enough Boss"

The Kerbal Alarm Clock is a plugin that allows you to create reminder alarms at future points in time to help you manage your flights and not warp past important times.

Here you will find information about and pictures of the Kerbal Alarm Clock plugin.

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What does it do?

It allows you to create time based alarms for a range of scenarios for two reasons - Firstly so that you can halt the timewarp so as not to skip past important gameplay moments, and secondly so you can be managing other ships during long periods of inactivity, and not just waiting or warping with one vessel in play at a time

With it you can create alarms for the following:

RawRaw Time AlarmCreated for either a specific date/time or a specific period in the future
ManeuverManeuver NodeCreate an alarm based on the next maneuver node on the current ships flight path. This node will be stored and can be restored when you come back to the ship
ApPeApoapsis / Periapsiscreate an alarm for nearest and furthest part of the orbit from the planet
ANDNAscending Node /
Descending Node
Ascending/Descending Node for the targeted object, or equatorial Ascending/Descending Node
ClosestClosest ApproachCreate an alarm based on the closest Approach of this Vessel to the targetted Vessel. Select how many orbits into the future to look for the closest approach
TargetTarget DistanceCreate an alarm based on distance to a target vessel or altitude from the orbited (or next patch) planet
LaunchRendezvousLaunch RendezvousAlarm that can be set to fire as your landed craft passes under the orbit of your target
SOISphere of InfluenceCreate an alarm manually based on when the next SOI point is on the flight path, or set the alarm clock to continually monitor the active flight path and add alarms as it detects SOI changes
TransferPlanetary TransferCreate an alarm based on Interplanetary Transfer Phase Angles – ie. When should I launch to planet X – Based on Kosmo Not’s post and used in Olex’s Calculator
EarthEarth TimeCreate an alarm based on the time in the "Earth" alternative Universe (aka the Real World)
ContractContractsCreate an alarm based on the Expiry or deadline of contracts in career modes

Each alarm contains some basic info - and can have more advanced info when useful including


Simple text name


As much detail as you need


Lead time for the event


Show a message / Kill Warp / Pause the Game


Store and Restore Maneuver Nodes


Store and Restore Targets

On top of these attributes in each alarm here are some other useful features:

For a full rundown of what it can do - check the manual pages and give it a try

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OSI This work is licensed under an MIT license - included in source code

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